Onsite and offsite/cloud based solutions

No business can afford the downtime and data loss caused when a critical computer crashes. Without the proper backup solution, your business is in danger of losing vital data.

All computer systems are at risk of data loss caused by malicious activity, hardware failure, or user error. RAID storage systems and redundant storage implementations are never a replacement for a standalone and secure backup structure. Backups are only as good as the implementation. A backup does no good if it relies on the same hardware as the primary data. If all backups and original data are stored in the same location, a single lightning strike or disaster can destroy everything. If backups are accessible from the network in the same way as normal data, a virus or ransomware application can encrypt or destroy all of it in one fell swoop leaving a business with little recourse other than to pay the ransom or start from scratch.

Backup – Best practices dictate that the best way to protect your data is with regular backups that also exist offsite. The best way to do that is to use a managed solution that is performed and monitored continuously.
We can customize a backup and recovery system that will meet your specific needs. From assuring your data is being backed-up to implementing a system where your servers and key workstations can be up and functional within minutes of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery – Not all businesses can afford to lose a day’s worth of work at the expense of data loss or hardware failure. Hardware will inevitably fail and data will eventually be lost which is why planning for these events is crucial to any business.

Our disaster planning services are second to none. We can work with your business to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure your business remains productive no matter the circumstances.

We will plan for every contingency that could disrupt the underlying technology responsible for business operations. We offer offsite hosting of backups that can be converted to running servers and workstations within minutes so even if your building is no longer standing, everything is as it was. Local copies of backups can be kept at your office on a standby server to accelerate recovery in the event of hardware failure on the primary servers. Our services also include redundant internet connection configuration, mail failover, and general business continuity.

Redundancy – While backups and worst case contingency plans are very important, an additional layer of fault tolerance built in to critical business operations can mean the difference of a few hours to recovery, or a few minutes.

Bridge Network Systems can help evaluate your needs to determine reasonable levels of redundancy, reliability, and help manage uptime expectations with real world experience and recommendations.

We offer many solutions from virtualized environments to NAS operated offices to build the ideal solution for every businesses budget and uptime requirements.