Managed Services

Preventative maintenance, automated ticketing, antivirus, and backups

Information is the lifeblood of your business. All companies today rely on technology to manage and safeguard proprietary information. Like everything else in your business, IT infrastructure needs to be maintained and optimized to keep it running properly every day, all day.

Your technology must be protected like never before. Managed services is a system that allows us to proactively update, secure, and monitor your servers, workstations, networks, backups, and antivirus protection to ensure that systems are functioning properly and efficiently.

Using this approach, it is possible for us to manage your technology in a way that allow us to proactively keep track of your computer systems; allowing our technicians to minimize problems and down time. We can generate support tickets in our office that will let us and you know when things need to be addressed. This allows our technicians to keep your business moving, thus avoiding crashes and breakdowns before they happen.

Monitoring allows us to keep a close eye on the internal hardware and software on most platforms. If we detect a predictive hardware failure or persistent software issues we can work with you to schedule the service in a timely fashion and avoid an emergency or costly downtime.

We utilize some of the most advanced systems enabling us to provide proactive services to our partners. We have several options of support available and can customize a program to fit your business needs. Additional hours can be purchased in blocks to help budget for additional needs that may arise.

We offer 3 levels of managed service plans.

Automated Ticket GenerationM-F *24/724/7
Device MonitoringCamada 7 copiar 9 Camada 7 copiar 9Camada 7 copiar 9
Antivirus Reporting **Camada 7 copiar 9 Camada 7 copiar 9
Backup Reporting **Camada 7 copiar 9 Camada 7 copiar 9
Windows Updates *** Camada 7 copiar 9 Camada 7 copiar 9
Automatic FixesCamada 7 copiar 9 Camada 7 copiar 9
Preventative Maintenance Camada 7 copiar 9Camada 7 copiar 9
ESET Endpoint Antivirus Licensing, Monitoring, and Management Camada 7 copiar 9Camada 7 copiar 9
StorageCraft ShadowProtect Backup Licensing, Monitoring, and Management **** Camada 7 copiar 9
Acronis Backup Licensing, Monitoring, and Management ****Camada 7 copiar 9
Off-site Backup Storage Included in Plan *****Camada 7 copiar 9


* 8am-5pm (emergency and after-hours support is available)

** With compatible application

*** Excluding major service packs newer than 60 days

**** Does not include backup media

***** Includes 500 GB per server – 200 GB per workstation