Design, implementation and installation of low voltage cable

Today’s high-speed, high-demand network environments require state of the art design, implementation and installation of the proper cabling to handle the job efficiently.

From cat6 throughout the building to fiber in the rack Bridge Network is available to handle all cabling needs.

Our techs are well trained, some of the best in the area, and adhere to industry standards for cable installation. Cables are run with adequate distance from power or other sources of interference while being mindful of bend radius and length limitations. All twisted-pair cable is terminated properly with a field mount plug, jack, or patch panel. We do not recommend or offer hand-crimped twisted pair cables for anything other than temporary use. All coax cables are properly terminated with high-quality compression connectors for performance and reliability.

Bridge Network offers a complete, end to end, one-year warranty on all new cables and cable installations. If you buy a cable from us or we install a new cable, jack, patch panel, or connectors and it fails to perform to accepted standards for any reason, we will troubleshoot the cable, diagnose it, and repair or replace the cable or connectors for absolutely no charge. This warranty does not cover any existing hardware or cabling. For example, if we terminate to an existing patch panel, we cannot warranty that side of the connection but the cable and the jack on the opposite end will be warrantied.

We can also help with troubleshooting and correcting your existing network and cable infrastructure. Many buildings in the area are run with original cat5 cable that does not officially support gigabit networking or 10GBASE-T. If your network is running slower than it should, the limitation may be the physical cabling and not the switches or connected devices. Upgrading to Cat6 or Cat6a can improve the overall performance of your network and help to futureproof your office for additional bandwidth requirements.

Cabling Services include:

  • STP/UTP Cat6 – Pulled and terminated
  • Outdoor and indoor cabling
  • Power over Ethernet
  • RG5/RG6/QS Coax – Pulled and terminated
  • Surface mount connections for older buildings with limited access
  • Patch panel – In rack or standalone
  • Wall jacks – New locations or additional runs
  • Fiber – Single/Multimode and any connector type – local connections only as we do not terminate fiber
  • Cable management – New projects or tidying existing work