Endpoint, server, network, and device security

Our general guideline for determining overall security goals is to bear in mind the following: Security, Convenience or Performance, pick two.

It is becoming more essential every day to ensure that your network is secure. Most data breaches result from preventable, poor network policy or end user decisions. We can help secure your network and ensure that your devices are protected from attack from viruses and malware. As part of our ongoing support, we can work with your business to implement network policy that is secure, reliable, and functional for the business’s needs.

While no system is completely secure, we can help guide you to a reasonable level of security that will help minimize potential damage from malicious attacks or user error while avoiding overbearing policies and procedures that make security a headache.

Using best in class security appliances, software and practices our team can provide recommendations or implement a secure infrastructure with policies that can help keep your business out of the headlines.

Security is an integral part of any network and the decisions we make together will heavily influence the types of hardware, software, and configuration we recommend for your business.

Security Services We Offer:

  • Web filtering and monitoring
  • Network Security Applications and Appliances
  • Firewalls and network security appliances
  • User access management
  • Server and file access control
  • Hardware and Software Monitoring
  • Wireless Access Hardening
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Antivirus Management
  • Malware Prevention
  • Breach Remediation