Riverbluff Church – Susan Thomas
, Office Manager

Riverbluff Church has been using Bill Atkins as our IT person since July of 2010. We had a church member who had been handling our IT services and he was no longer going to be able to help us so he recommended Bill Atkins to us. Trusting his reference, we embarked on a journey with Bill that has been going on for over 5 years now. Bill is such a professional and cares deeply about his customers. He loves computers and what they can do to assist us with our everyday tasks. He has always been readily available to us for routine maintenance, or extreme emergencies. Bill became a part of New Point Systems, the transition was smooth and we still receive the same care as we did when he was in business alone. The team of technicians that he has on the staff at New Point Systems, have the same values for us as Bill has always portrayed. They show great professionalism as well, and truly care if we are having a problem. Our church would highly recommend New Point Systems to handle any computer needs or issues you may have.

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